Optimal health can be defined as experiencing the fullness of life mentally, physically, and spiritually. Daily we are exposed to toxins that affect our energy and vitality. Food processing, water pollution, smog, pesticides, cleaning products, as well as, stress in our relationships, occupation and emotions can contribute to our bodies maintaining a heavy toxic burden affecting our health, attitude and peace of mind.

Therefore, the change of environment and life style in form of 1-2 week Health Care Intensives in a natural and nurturing environment can be extremely helpful in making conscious and responsible choices – in all aspects of one life’s – to help purify body and mind to support optimal health.

Upon evaluation, according to the client’s specific needs and health issues personalized retreats can be designed in co-creation with Paracelsus Clinic al Ronc and TouchKauai.

• Biological medicine: please see www.paracelsus.ch