Welcome to MovingMyo by Eva Maria Kern

Eva Maria is a German-licensed Physical Therapist and Naturopath residing in Bellevue, Washington. She is the only Myo-Reflex Therapist in the US, bringing a unique three-pronged approach to health care, using innovative German health developments in functional Medicine:

Myo-Reflex Therapy—an integrative hands-on treatment method, this holistic combination of Western Medicine with the best of Eastern Healing Arts is the centerpiece of Eva Maria’s training. Myo-Reflex has been used to effectively treat muscular-skeletal dysfunctions and aid treatment in diagnoses ranging from auto-immune diseases and cancer to post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Galileo Exercise Device—extensively tested on a wide range of patients in Cologne, Germany, this exercise plate stimulates muscle development throughout the legs and spine, increasing tone, strength, and lymphatic drainage. Used in conjunction with Myo-Reflex this device creates a dynamic synergy for muscular-skeletal health.

Metabolic Balance—a personalized Nutritional Program using 35 individual blood indicators. Developed in Munich, this program is quickly spreading world wide. Eva Maria is one of a very few certified consultants in the United States.

Eva Maria started MovingMyo & personal health design with the sole purpose of opening new gateways into pain-prevention, rehabilitation, and optimal health.