“...Eva Maria has developed into an excellent and experienced therapist with the highest degree of interdisciplinary skills... her outstanding interpersonal relation skills and her expertise for the human body are of highest value for the successful treatment and salutogenesis of patients..."
Dr. Kurt Mosetter, M.D.
Founder of Myo-Reflex Therapy and Medical Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies in Konstanz, Germany

"...Ms. Eva Maria Kern worked with us over 3 years in the new and exciting field of Myo-Reflex Therapy... Ms. Kern does excellent work in this field. She fully masters all techniques of Myo-Reflex Therapy..."
Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D.
Author of The Swiss Secret and Biological Medicine- The Future of Natural Healing, and Medical Director of Paracelsus Clinic- Lustmuehle

"...I have had consistently positive results with every patient I have ever recommended to her for treatment. The therapy that she performs is unique and would be even more so in North America, where there is a dearth of therapist who understand this effective model of Myo-Reflex Therapy..."
Byron S. Braid, M. D.
Attending Physician; Paracelsus Klinik Lustmuehle

"Her complex expertise is making a decisive contribution to the successful treatment of patients who are suffering from conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorders, anxiety, depression and personality disorders as a result of severe traumas."
Damir Lovric’, M. A.
Psychotherapist and Psychotraumatologist
Director of Me-Di-Kom: Private Institute for Medical and Psychological Education

"This therapy has over the years become one of the most effective tools in my recovery from illness and beyond, enabling me to regain and maintain physical strength and flexibility."
Kathrin Scheel-Ungerleider, Jan 31st 2008. New York

"The most impressive results I have had since Eva Maria worked on me are; my heart arrhythmias, chest pain and SVT’s have improved significantly."
Jonna Lemes, Februar 2008. Hawaii
LightWave and Forward Thinking Dynamics

"I’ve had serious lower back pain for twenty years. Surgery didn’t help. Someone connected me with Eva Marie Kern and her unique form of therapy. After two thirty minute sessions, I felt pain free for the first time in years. I get occasional tune-ups but I now have my life back again!"
Craig Stewart, Edmonds, October 2009. Washington